Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wedding Recap #8: Pre-Ceremony

One thing that my husband and I wanted to do was have a "First Look," by seeing each other before the ceremony. I was all for having our pictures done prior to the ceremony, and since I've had problems with panic attacks since I was little, we felt it would be easier to just see each other beforehand. Right before I walked out to see him, I was so nervous! That moment of waiting for him to arrive and for me to see him was such an intense feeling because it really hit me that I was getting married. We were able to take the 3 hours before the ceremony to get 95% of our formal pictures done. Check out our pre-ceremony below!

My daddy =)

Here we go! He's waiting for me!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aww, did he cry when he saw you? Cute first look! The parasol pic is adorable! Great pics! :)

Me =) said...

He did cry =) Then I began crying, then my bridesmaids that were standing out there getting pictures started to cry THEN our photographer began to cry as she was shooting! It was great.

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