The DIY Bride

That's me. =)

Hello! Welcome to my blog! When I began planning my wedding, I would always get so frustrated because I would find DIY projects that I would want to complete, but I could never find sufficient enough instructions on how to do them. So in December 2009, I decided to change that. I vowed to myself to blog about all of my projects, as well as provide information on what materials were needed to recreate the projects and directions for them. After receiving an overwhelming response from fellow and future brides, I've decided to maintain this blog even after the wedding. 

A little about me..
I was married to my high school sweetheart on June 12, 2010. I'm a graduate student studying to receive my Masters of Art Degree in Nutrition. I have hopes of becoming a Registered Dietitian in the near future. My husband and I also have two animals. Our dog, Liberty, who is a labrador/rottweiler mix, and our cat, Callie. Both are total princesses. 
Well, that's enough about me for now! If you ever want to get ahold of me, feel free to email me diy (dot) bride (at) yahoo (dot) com!
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