Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding Recap #4: The Programs

For the programs, I decided to make paddle fan programs, and I made my own template on Microsoft Publisher. (If you want the template, please feel free to email me at for it!) With the programs, I decided to add a little something extra, so for half of the programs, I added a Wedding Day Crossword and for the other half, I added a Wedding Day Wordsearch. I made both of these puzzles through Discovery Education. Both puzzles were completely free to create and have. My husband and I then bought some pencils and cut them down to golf pencil size. We found that by buying regular pencils and cutting them down ourselves instead of buying golf pencils that it was a lot cheaper. My husband then drilled holes into the ends of the pencils and at the bottom of the program paddles. I connected the two with a satin ribbon. They were a big hit! They served as programs, fans and entertainment for our guests.

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