Friday, May 28, 2010

Reserved Seating Signs - Check!

I showed you all my design a while ago, but I got around to finally finishing these up a few days ago. Have a look!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Toss Bouquet - Check!

Making a toss bouquet was next on my list of to-do's. I plan to preserve my bouquet, so I didn't want to toss it during the bouquet toss. So I decided to just make a simple toss bouquet to throw instead. I went to Hobby Lobby last week, and all of their floral products were marked 50% off. So I bought 6 silk gerber daisies, floral tape and floral wire, and everything cost me about $8.00.

Materials Needed:

  • Silk flowers
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors/Wire cutters
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)
  1. Cut your stems to your desired length.
  2. Begin with two silk flowers and bunch them together. Wrap them together with floral wire. You don't need a lot of wire, just enough to wrap the wire around the stems once.
  3. Add two more flowers, and wrap again.
  4. Add the final two flowers and wrap with floral wire again.

Sure it looks like a mess, but it'll be covered. 
     5.  With your floral tape, begin wrapping your stems with the tape at the top and work your way down. As I was doing this, I decided to slide off the floral wire as I went along.
     6. Once your stems are wrapped, choose a ribbon of your choice to wrap the stems with. Once again, begin at the top with the wrapping and work your way down. Once you reach the end, the ribbon obviously doesn't have any way of staying put unless you manually attached it. I decided to use a small dab of hot glue with my hot glue gun to make it stay put. And voila!..

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Table Numbers! - Check!

I decided after some careful consideration to re-design my table numbers. I liked the idea I had before, but I kept running into different problems. So I decided to start over. Here is what I came up with..

What I decided to do was actually incorporate the numbers more into our actual pictures. I have an amazing printer, but I don't have any special programs that would allow me to add the number to the photos digitally, so I decided to do it a different way, and here is how I did them!

Materials Needed:
  • Colored and white cardstock
  • Pictures of your choice
  • Tape
  • Xacto knife or box cutter
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  1. Open a Word document, and type in the numbers 0-9. Enlarge the numbers to the size of your choice. I enlarged mine to 200. Print them off on cardstock. These numbers served as my templates. 
  2. Cut the numbers out of the cardstock.
  3. Take one of your photos, and choose where you would like to place the number. When you've decided, turn the picture over and the tape the number to the photo backwards.

If you look closely enough, you can see where I tape the #1 in the center of the picture backwards.
     4.  With your box cutter/Xacto knife, carve out the number with the number template as your guide.

     5.  Take a small piece of your colored cardstock, and tape it to the back of your photo, over the number.
Now, you may be asking yourself, "What do I do with numbers that have a more to them?" Such as a 4 or an 8. If you cut out the circles for the 8, they will end up being separate. So you will need to add these pieces separately. For example...
The 4 isn't quite finished because I had to cut the center of it out separately, and add it.
     6.  Lastly, add some sort of adhesive to the back of your photo and apply it to another sheet of cardstock. Have fun with this part by mixing up colors. For example, I made the #10 a yellow number, but added a bright orange sheet of cardstock to it so that the #10 would pop out more.
I'm very happy with the way they turned out, and overall, this wasn't very time consuming at all. I made 15 numbers, and it roughly took me about 2 hours to complete them all. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Of Timeline - Check!

Boy, am I glad this is done! I knew that I needed to just make myself sit down and figure out the entire day. It took me about 4-5 hours to figure everything out and create my timeline, but you'll see why! Being the person that I am, I like to be creative and do things differently. So here is what I did:

I love it! I found the inspiration for it on The Knot. I made this in Microsoft Publisher, my new best friend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Water Bottle Labels - Check! (Finally!)

I have actually been working on these for a while, and have been trying out alternate ways of how I want to make them. In the end, I decided to purchase 30 sheets of Weatherproof Matte Inkjet labels from I ordered the 8" x 2.5" labels and four labels came on one sheet. Overall, the labels are great and when I printed on them, the printing came out very even and quite nice! Here are my labels!

Overall, I wanted to keep them fairly simple and clean looking. I also don't want to use a ton of ink to print them, so I just kept them fairly simple. I tried to print one label with one of our engagement photos on it, but the paper didn't hold the picture very well.

I had tried using different templates for these puppies, but since I decided to order the labels, I had to make a new template entirely so that my document would line up properly with the labels. If anyone is interested in my template, please feel free to email me anytime!

Here is my email where I can be reached:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspiration Board: "The Bride"

Here is my bridal look for wedding day..

The Bride

Reserved Seating Signs - Work In Progress

I want to have the first row of our ceremony reserved for parents and grandparents, so I wanted to achieve this by making reserved seating signs. Here is the design that I've come up with..
 I wanted to keep them relatively simple, but I also plan to add colored cardstock to them and a ribbon to tie them to the chairs.

Escort Card Table Centerpieces Finished!

Well, it is May 12th, which means I have exactly one month left to get all of my projects done. The last few weeks have been pretty busy with graduation, finals, working more hours at work etc. But now, I have a lot more time to dedicate towards finishing up everything! Like today, I finished off all three of my escort card centerpieces. Take a look!

If case anyone is wondering about these, I used 6" styrofoam balls for my pomanders. I wanted to make them slightly larger than my pomanders that I'm using to line the aisle with. I bought the beads from Hobby Lobby, and put them on fishing line. Adhering the beaded strand to the ball was the toughest part. I used hot glue, and had to make a small hole in the ball, then I filled the hole with hot glue. Then with my bead strand, I took the top bead and plugged the hot glued hole with it. Since the bead strand was pretty heavy, I had to hold it in place for several minutes until the hot glue finally dried entirely. Then, I place the ball on to the vase with the bead strand hanging down, and I let it hang for a while to see if it was going to come off or not, but it never did! Anyways, overall these bad boys were really simple to make and they'll add a little something extra to the escort card table!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Any Ideas?

Hello! Right now, I am currently working on my table numbers and I will be sharing my tutorial this week! Now I ask you all, what are some DIY projects that you are working on currently? Anything you would like to see me try to tackle? I love hearing about new ideas for the wedding, and I want to make it as unique as possible. So feel free to give me some suggestions/ideas!
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