Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Programs: Up Close & Personal

I was finally able to get better pictures of our programs yesterday for you all to see. As I mentioned previously, one side of the programs listed the order of the ceremony and the bridal party while the other side was filled with either a crossword puzzle or a word search. Also, I know I've had a few requests for the template for these, but I've been having trouble with my computer and with the document itself. I'm in the process of recreating the template entirely, so bear with me! Here are the programs!

If you want to do these with the attached pencil, my only recommendation would be to use different ribbon. I used satin ribbon because it was what I had, but it was too slick and the knots kept coming untied. So if you pick a ribbon, pick one that has texture to it.


chocoholic said...

What a smart idea! Our wedding is travel themed so I am considering shaping the programs to look like luggage tags

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I featured your project on my Make It Yourself Monday post this week.


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