Friday, March 5, 2010

Pearl Necklaces for Bridesmaids - Check!

I saw this idea over and over again on The Knot, so I decided to give it a try because I liked them! The ones that I found being done had a satin ribbon attached to them, but after some thought, I decided not to use the ribbon and used regular necklace clasps.

Materials Needed:

  • Bead Wire
  • 8mm Glass Pearl Beads
  • Crimp Pliers
  • Crimp Beads
  • Necklace Clasps
What I Used..

  1. Measure out 24 inches of your bead wire, and 55 glass pearl beads. The pearls that I bought only came in sets of 50 glass pearl beads, so I bought an extra pack to add the additional 5 beads. I wanted to make the necklaces a tad bit longer since at 50 beads, they were more choker-style necklaces.
  2. Add 1 crimp bead, then add one side of the necklace clasp.
      3.  Loop the end of the bead wire back through the crimp bead a second time to secure the necklace  clasp from slipping off.
      4.  Close the gap that the loop created between the clasp and the crimp bead. Then using your crimp pliers, crimp your bead closed.
      5.  Now string 55 glass pearl beads onto your bead wire. 
      6.  Once all of the pearl beads are added, repeat steps 2-4 to secure the loose end.
All done!
These weren't time-consuming AT ALL. It took me about an hour to complete 4 of them. I hope that my bridesmaids like them as much as I do!

1 comment:

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I need to make mine this weekend. I'm doing a ribbon tie though.

Yours look great!

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