Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Table Runner Monogram - Still A Work In Progress

Well I had a minor snafu with my painting our monogram onto the table runner yesterday. Everything was going so well! I had traced it on, and it looked great, but then it came to painting. I used acrylic paint, which I thought would work wonderfully... nope! The paint ended up bleeding beyond the lines of my monogram, and it just looked awful. I took some pictures to show you..
So today is a new day, and I went out to Hobby Lobby yesterday and purchased some fabric paint. Now, I'm just going to use the opposite side of this runner, and my messed up monogram side will be against the wall on wedding day so no one will even notice! Hopefully I'll have pictures up later on to show you all how it turns out this time!


Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Ugh...that stinks. I used acrylic paint on mine and it was hard to paint on and bleed through the back, but it didn't bleed outwards. Fabric paint will probably be so much easier!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Thanks for the tip on using fabric paint instead of acrylic.. I'll keep that in mind when I start on our runner.

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