Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Made a Huge Decision Today..

After embossing and assembling about 70% of our invites, I have made the decision to change them. I basically stuck with them this long because I had put so much work in them, but when I looked at them and thought about them, I wasn't happy at all. Sure, they're just going to be thrown away, but I want to be happy and proud of them. Plus, I plan to keep a few of them for a shadow box project after the wedding, and I want to look back at them years from now and still love them. So my fiance and I just spent the past hour in Hobby Lobby looking for inspiration, and my fiance found something that we both love. Maybe now I will actually be happy and excited to complete our invitations instead of just staring at what we have now and not wanting to finish them at all. I'll have a mock-up to show you this weekend!

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