Sunday, January 31, 2010

New DIY in the Works

I haven't officially started on this next DIY, but my fiance and I have decided to try and take on the task of baking and decorating our own wedding cake. My fiance is a baker and we have been talking for months now about trying to tackle decorating cakes. So starting tomorrow, we are heading to Hobby Lobby and picking up the materials needed to do a miniature cake mock-up. I'M SO EXCITED!! We have a baker booked right now, but we never signed a contract with her, so if we were to cancel it wouldn't be an issue. We wouldn't have thought about doing this, but our baker called yesterday and invited us to come to the Bridal Expo in my hometown that I had no idea was going on today. She said she airbrushed daisies onto a white cake for us to come look at and see if we liked the look of it. Here is what we want our cake to look like..
We want her to use fondant for the flowers, but she insisted that we come look at her "stenciled" work. Her stenciled work consisted of her taking a flower cookie cutter, holding it up to the cake and airbrushing inside the cutter on the cake. To be honest, it looked awful. She could tell we weren't happy with it. It looked splotchy and runny. So I told her we want fondant instead. I asked if she was going to use the same flower cookie cutter for that too and she said yes. We weren't crazy about the cookie cutter at all. It looked like a wavy funky flower stolen from the 1960's, and not modern at all, like we want. So chances are if things go well with our mock-up, we are going to cancel our baker and do it ourselves. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as we finish our mini mock-up! Wish us luck!

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