Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Centerpieces.. Changed my mind!

So I know I blogged earlier about how I want my centerpieces to look, but I have changed my mind and made my final decision! I want to incorporate my tissue paper flowers that I've been making for pomanders a lot more, so here is what I've decided to do:

These will be my escort card table's centerpieces..

Now these vases are a tad bit taller than what I plan on using, and I bought similar looking strings of beads like this black one except I bought them in my colors. This is also another way that I can incorporate my tissue paper flowers. I can't wait to show everyone how they turn out!

Now, for my reception centerpieces. All I've know for sure is that I want to incorporate fruit and gerber daisies, but I've googled and searched until my face turned blue.. and all I can say is that.. I FOUND IT! I've found exactly what I want to do and here is it:

I found these bubble bowl vases (8 inches) at Hobby Lobby. They were $5.99/each, but they were 50% off! So I was able to buy 15 of these for $3.00/each. WOO HOO! Now for how I plan to incorporate my tissue paper flowers.. another thing I've been doing is researching wholesale flowers online for months and I've found my daisies, but now I need to find mums like the green ones shown in the photo. Well after some thought, I realized that I can make these myself out of tissue paper and they will look just to same. If you've seen my tissue paper pomander tutorial, then you've seen how large the flowers turn out. I plan to cut the size in half for the centerpieces. You'll see what I mean when I do my first trial! Which will be VERY SOON! STAY TUNED!

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