Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wedding Recap #1: The Cake

I'm planning to recap the wedding with you all as much as possible before we head out for our honeymoon on Monday. To begin my recaps, I want to share with you all of the projects and details that were done the week of the wedding. Then, I'll share our rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, getting ready, ceremony and reception. But I wanted to start these recaps off with our major FAIL of the week. My husband is a baker, and I enjoy decorating and such, so we decided to take on the task of baking and decorating our own cake.

The baking was easy-peezy..

The cake layers lay all pretty and such in my parents freezer. Oh the mayhem to come...

A few days later, we filled, crumb-coated and stacked the individual layers. Still everything was going smoothly. No issues!

If you remember previously, my husband and I made the top layer of our cake to practice..

It was so perfect! At the time! 

So this time around when we began working with the fondant and stacked the layers.. it looked okay. Until.. the cake began to lean. We had put dowel rods and such between the layers to support one another, but it didn't matter. And after my dear husband had brought home all of the stuff needed to do the fondant, it had become a total waste. Check out our 50 lb bag of powdered sugar!

We decided to just buttercream the layers as smoothly as we could. We even bought these tiny jars of dye that dye buttercream frosting to match our colors. It seemed like a sure proof plan! We were up until 4:00am on the day of the wedding just trying to get this thing to look right. It was a no go. So after 3 hours of sleep, my husband went down to the bakery where he worked, and asked if there was any way possible of icing 100 cupcakes for our guests that day. They said that no matter what it took that they would get it done.
WHEW! I was so relieved that we didn't have to take our disaster of a cake to the reception hall. 

My husband's boss/owner of the baker then called my husband to find out the whole story of what happened with our original cake. After much explanation, his boss said that they couldn't do the cupcakes afterall. My husband was disappointed but he understood. He then said, "You guys need a real wedding cake at your wedding." We were shocked. We felt so blessed because he saved our butts that day. On top of that, he gave it to us free of charge! That was the first time I cried on our wedding day after hearing that wonderful news. And after only about 4-5 hours of baking, crumb-coating, stacking, icing and decorating. We had our beautiful cake delivered at the reception before guests arrived by the owner himself...

My advice? Trust the professionals when it comes to completing your cake. I may have been the DIY bride, but this is one project that even I couldn't do.

Oh, and what happened to our original disaster cake you may ask? When my parents returned home from the reception, they found this...

It died. 
Fell over at some point during the day. Ah, what memories we have!


Think Thin Thoughts said...

What a blessing... seriously.
I think in that sense, for all of my DIY projects, I have some sort of a back up plan hahaha :)

and the cake looks BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's unfortunate that your DIY cake didn't hold up. Definitely makes me feel better about having a pro handle it. But your actual cake does look gorgeous!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh my goodness I'm sorry your DIY didn't work out, but the cake you were able to get for free was beautiful. It all worked out great! :)

Thanks for the tip, no DIY'ing your wedding cake :)

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