Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Escort Card Table Centerpieces Finished!

Well, it is May 12th, which means I have exactly one month left to get all of my projects done. The last few weeks have been pretty busy with graduation, finals, working more hours at work etc. But now, I have a lot more time to dedicate towards finishing up everything! Like today, I finished off all three of my escort card centerpieces. Take a look!

If case anyone is wondering about these, I used 6" styrofoam balls for my pomanders. I wanted to make them slightly larger than my pomanders that I'm using to line the aisle with. I bought the beads from Hobby Lobby, and put them on fishing line. Adhering the beaded strand to the ball was the toughest part. I used hot glue, and had to make a small hole in the ball, then I filled the hole with hot glue. Then with my bead strand, I took the top bead and plugged the hot glued hole with it. Since the bead strand was pretty heavy, I had to hold it in place for several minutes until the hot glue finally dried entirely. Then, I place the ball on to the vase with the bead strand hanging down, and I let it hang for a while to see if it was going to come off or not, but it never did! Anyways, overall these bad boys were really simple to make and they'll add a little something extra to the escort card table!


just another Belle said...

very cute!

superviv said...

hi there! thanks so much for posting instructions on the pomanders. i tried them last night and it was just, well, a disaster. =( i was wondering if you would consider selling yours after your wedding. my wedding is on 10.23.10 and i am in los angeles. thanks!! and please, keep all the great info coming! :D

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