Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Envelope Liners - Check!

I'm so excited to share this DIY with everyone! As you previously saw in one of my posts, I wanted to line our invitation envelopes with one of our engagement pictures and here is how they turned out!

I absolutely love the way that they turned out. I inserted the photo into Microsoft Word and enlarged it to the width of the template that I made. This photo that I took of it certainly doesn't do it any justice! It looks much better in person!

Now for my instructions for making these!

Materials Needed:
  • A heavy piece of cardstock, plastic, cardboard 
  • One of your envelopes
  • Glue stick (or some kind of adhesive)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

  1. You'll need a heavy piece of cardstock, plastic, cardboard etc. to make your template since you will be tracing around it many times in the future. I chose to use 110 lb. cardstock. You'll also need one of your envelopes to begin your template. 
2.  I began by lining up my envelopes with the piece of cardstock in one of it's corners (less cutting!). 

      3.  Trace the envelope onto the piece of cardstock.

       4.  Next, you'll want to measure how wide the adhesive portion of your envelope flap is. You want to do this to determine how much to cut off your template, otherwise you'll overlap the adhesive on the envelope flap and won't be able to seal your envelopes once finished. For me, it measured 1 cm.

         5.   From your now traced line on your cardstock, measure that width inward on your template and mark it with your pencil. Continue to do this along the sides. I did about three marks on each side.

(You can kind of see my marks here.)
         6.  Place your envelope on top of your cardstock at the marks that you just made and trace the envelope flap again.

          7.   Cut out your template. Cut on your SECOND traced line.

         8.   At this point when I tried to put the template into the envelope itself, it wouldn't on the side very well, so I decided to cut off 1 cm on each side of the template.

          9.  Insert your newly made template into your envelope to see how it measure up and make any adjustments as needed. For me, I decided to fold my template in half vertically to make sure they lined up evenly. There were a few places where I decided to cut to little more off to make sure the sides were even.


Ashley said...

No picture...:-(

Ashley said...

Looks fantastic!

JSitterBaum said...

This is SUCH a cute and original idea! Double Kudos!!

Go Blue Momma said...

wow this looks REALLY great!

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